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Build and sell your events in Beldemy education marketplace with affiliate marketing. Track sales, user registrations, conversions, referrals and reward comissions to your affiliate partners. Track how much traffic and profits are your ads bringing and monitorize all your incoming visitors from affiliate links. Start increasing your profits with this incredible powerful tool! start tracking your affiliate sales immediately You will be able to track any action you are interested in tracking, see how much money it reports you. Graphic reports with Content Statistics (compatible).

• Automatic affiliate ID tracking
• Multiple accounts & comissions per affiliate
• Multi-level affiliates (multi-tier), no level limit
• Pay affiliates online
• Customizable affiliate trackable URLs

Affiliate multilevel transaction fee

 Level 1 = 10%
 Level 2 = 5%
 Level 3 = 3%
 Level 4 = 2%
 Level 5 = 1%
 Level 6 = 0.5%

How to become Beldemy’s affiliate

1. A user creates an affiliate account in Beldemy
2. This affiliate (the parent) provides an affiliate link to another user.
3. This other user, visits the Beldemy website and eventually becomes an affiliate (the child).
4. Beldemy detects that this user came from an affiliate link and creates the relationship (parent-child) between these two affiliates.
5. This child can eventually become the parent of other affiliates. Don't worry if your hierarchy becomes bigger every day, the number of possible levels is infinite.
6. Start creating your affiliate account and share your affiliate ID link and marketing material.

The workflow of an affiliate program

1. Affiliate can apply for multiple affiliate accounts in Beldemy.
2. The Affiliate will be provided with a custom referral link containing his affiliate ID, that he will include in Links, ads, banners, blog posts... in their site, to provide traffic to Beldemy's website. Affiliate will work to provide visitors to Beldemy's website to increase sales.
3. where he will find the links placed by the Affiliate.
4. From that moment on Beldemy 's website will identify Customer as a client provided by Affiliate, and store this relationship information in the system, and also store a cookie on Customer's computer for future reference.
5. Providing Beldemy with a new sale that he wouldn't have had if it wasn't for Affiliate's link. This sale is what's called a conversion, it can be a sale or a new subscription, or any other action that Beldemy will track as a conversion.
6. The new conversion and its transaction fee will be notified to the Beldemy, which will be responsible to approve it or not.
7. Affiliate can login to see his affiliate account on Beldemy website, where he can see the traffic logs he provided, all the conversions, transaction fees earned and payment
history, along with his accounts details and reports
8. Beldemy will automatically create any payouts he wants, grouping multiple comissions, and pay them to the Affiliate

Front-End (what your affiliates will see)

• Users can apply to be affiliates
• Users can request multiple accounts (different IDs, different tracking links)
• Affiliates can view conversions approved
• Affiliates can view transaction fees earned
• Affiliates can view log of traffic they generated
• Affiliates can view payment history

Promote any event by placing your affiliate ID ?atid= at the end of the event web address

For example: If your affiliate ID is 15

Enter affiliate ID here -----> https://beldemy.com/?atid=15

Enter affiliate ID here -----> https://beldemy.com/en/events/workshop/product-costs-and-pricing-decisions?atid=15